Street Rod SE released

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Download and play Street Rod SE for PC DOS now!

  • Enjoy 25 new cars.
  • Choose from 8 brand new stickers.
  • Race against different opponents.
  • It’s free!

Download Street Rod SE
(note: you need a PC with DOS installed or use an emulator)


Street Rod SE
This is Street Rod SE (Special Edition) and features a standard Street Rod version with 25 replacement cars.

1.0.0 (release date: 07/01/2014)
- Added Street Rod Car Data Disks.
- Removed copy protection screen.
- Fixed highlighting of the letter 'I' in first splash screen.

Luís Vasquez for finding the Data Disks.
Tiago Lopes for supplying the splash screen fix.


33 comments on “Street Rod SE released

  1. Thanks so much for your work! This is my favorite game from when I was a younger lad.

  2. Thanks, its cool to see a classic with some new content.

  3. Is the Chevy Styleline cheat in this game as well but with a different car?

    • I haven’t figured that out yet. What I did is create a savegame with the original Street Rod (after using the cheat) and copy it to the Street Rod SE folder, works like a charm.

  4. Doesn.t work, even in compatibility mode.

  5. you need dosbox

  6. Oh boy, that’s just nice. An add-on pack that was totally unknown about for 25 years, and it’s here! Thank you for the impressive find :)

    Btw, is Street Rod Online back in business now?

  7. beated king! 782 hr time

  8. SWEET! This website is a gold mine. Thank you for all your efforts! Loving this game again.

  9. WOW!!!! blast from the past and its updated… amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Does this replace 25 cars or does it add 25 cars?

  11. Whoaa, this is so awesome, and it has the Plymouth Fury in it! Christine, anywone? I missed that car in this game as a child… I thought it would fit well but then again, you never see a Plymouth Fury anywayz, it’s just the whole movie that made me love it, same goes for the DeLorean. You did something really special here Marco! 25 years went by… we all had to miss these extra’s, but you brought it back to life!

  12. First of all, this is amazing stuff. Hilarious.
    One question though, is there a way to add the cars, instead of replace them?

  13. We played this non-stop in college. However, now I can’t remember the keyboard commands for the actual racing (Gas, shift, brakes, etc). Any help out there.

  14. HELP!!! Is there a version that works on windows 7 64 bit? My old floppy won’t run it.

  15. I can’t believe that people are playing this! That is awesome! I was the original artist that drew all the graphics and every car for the first street rod. I used an Amiga and “painted” pixel by pixel.

    • I can’t even imagine how it might feel to see that SO many people still play this game, every pixel you painted gave us a lot of joy. It has been many years since Street Rod, yet I never felt the same with any game. Nowadays all is about hyper-realistic graphics, physics, sound… but they miss something, and it’s the magic this game made us all feel, from the sparkling stars on the intro to the “Chicken!” when trying to pop the king’s hood, the drive-in and the sleeping guy in the gas station.
      I’m from south america, and most US movies I saw when I was a child shown me a perspective of the “american dream”, my childish dream was to be one of those guys, tuning a muscle car and going pink slip “all-in” or taking a walk back home if I didn’t have what it takes. You weren’t playing rambo style like in any NFS, you could really feel being that guy, struggling for it.
      Thanks Judy, thanks for those pixels, for those hours you guys spent making this game.

  16. Have never even heard about additional data disks. Played regular street rod for many hours in 90s on PC. Although I don’t feel any difference between this version and the regular one as I’m more enjoying the game mechanics rather than content, I thank you heartly for making this release public! It’s always very exciting to be able to run rare asset-like software, especially if it brings back joyful memories. Hope to see more exciting news regarding this project in the future.

  17. can we play it through iPad , or I phone? If so how? Thanks

  18. I think this game could really take off again if it was made for Android and Apple. This is very unique game and so fun and realistic even with the old school graffic’s

  19. Is open source a possibility? I mean, the fanbase would surely be interested in updating and adding to what’s already here.

  20. I’ve downloaded street rod 1 and street rod se but can’t figure out how to make SE work, any advice, I’m using dosbox

  21. Adding new cars is not much important thing for this game. Game is too easy, that`s the main problem. After 15 minutes of playing I already have fastest car and then game became boring. Better choice would be to mod Street Rod 2.

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