Street Rod Car Data Disk

Breaking news: “Street Rod Data Disks” found

About a week ago Luís Vasquez from Portugal notified me about an item for sale on Ebay which could possibly be the Street Rod Car Data Disks. As I found out those were original disks of Street Rod itself. However, the person selling those disks also had another item for sale. After a close look […]

1963 Ford Futura Falcon on the Car Data Disk?

I came across the following fragment: Back to the Futura? No, the 1963 Ford Falcon Futura is not one of the street rods you can choose in Street Rod, a game that ultimately pits you against… … (Maybe the Futura is on the optional car data disk that offers 25 additional cars) … So, no […]

Some more information about the Car Data Disk

There’s some more information about the Street Rod Car Data Disk in the following article. Street Rod (California Dreams; IBM; $49.95). If you spent your high school days cruising the strip, Street Rod will be a drive down memory lane for you. The object of the game is to beat the King of the Strip […]

Street Rod Car Data Disk revisited

In January this year I wrote about the “Street Rod Car Data Disk“. This week I discovered a California Dreams – Winter 1990 Product Catalog. It came with an original copy of Street Rod for Commodore. It’s a four wise folded leaflet which mentions Street Rod as one of the products of California Dreams. But […]

Street Rod Car Data Disk

One of the original Street Rod boxes has the following sticker: Special Offer! Get the Street Rod Car Data Disk at a special low price. See Details Inside. This puzzles me, nothing inside the box suggests there’s an extra data disk. I don’t know of any extra car data disk for Street Rod. If anyone […]