Exciting news

We’re in the process of fabricating something new, something completely different. Want to know what we’re up to? Tell your friends, save the date, see you on the 1st of March!

Original copy for sale #3

The following original copy of Street Rod is for sale on Ebay. Note: I am not affiliated with the seller. Street Rod for Commodore Buy now price (or make an offer): $79.99 / €58,62 Sold for $50.00 / €36,71

Updates on Street Rod Online

I’m working on Street Rod Online again. To keep you updated I post small updates on Facebook and Twitter. Choose one of the options below if you like to be informed about these updates. Follow Street Rod Online on Facebook (and hit the like button) Follow Street Rod Online on Twitter(and hit the follow button)

Project on hold

Until further notice there will be no development on Street Rod Online. However I will post updates on other subjects like the continuing search for the Street Rod Car Data Disk.

Street Rod Online development part 7

Development preview of what’s planned for Street Rod Online version 0.0.11 Radio with 5 different music channels Newspaper contains a Job section where players can apply for a job to generate an income

Danger ahead

O no, feature creep lurks around the corner. For once I let myself go. I want to try and implement some ideas: [SRO-42] – New surf/hot rod music [SRO-43] – Street Rod magazine [SRO-44] – Let player apply for a job to generate an income I have these ideas planned for the upcoming version 0.0.11 […]

JIRA and Bamboo license

After an evaluation period I decided to purchase a license for JIRA and Bamboo. JIRA: Bug tracking and project tracking for software development Bamboo: Continuous Integration and Release Management These tools are a great help during the development process of Street Rod Online. [hint] I had to purchase a license because the evaluation license has […]