Street Rod Online version 0.0.10 released

Version 0.0.10 is freshly deployed on the preview server. See below for what has changed in this version.

Release Notes – Street Rod Online – Version 0.0.10


  • [SRO-30] – Stickers miss black outline
  • [SRO-31] – Set correct colors for painter
  • [SRO-34] – Cannot open newspaper twice
  • [SRO-35] – Radio doesn’t work in Safari
  • [SRO-36] – Internal error page when you buy an engine
  • [SRO-37] – When selling a part you don’t get a price.
  • [SRO-38] – Popups don’t work after trying to sell a part
  • [SRO-39] – Internal error page when out of money and you buy a sticker


  • [SRO-26] – Play soundeffect when car enters the garage
  • [SRO-41] – Upgrade to Wicket 6.8.0

2 comments on “Street Rod Online version 0.0.10 released

  1. Were can I download SRO? :D

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