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Danger ahead

O no, feature creep lurks around the corner. For once I let myself go. I want to try and implement some ideas: [SRO-42] – New surf/hot rod music [SRO-43] – Street Rod magazine [SRO-44] – Let player apply for a job to generate an income I have these ideas planned for the upcoming version 0.0.11 […]

Street Rod Online version 0.0.10 released

Version 0.0.10 is freshly deployed on the preview server. See below for what has changed in this version. Release Notes – Street Rod Online – Version 0.0.10 Bug [SRO-30] – Stickers miss black outline [SRO-31] – Set correct colors for painter [SRO-34] – Cannot open newspaper twice [SRO-35] – Radio doesn’t work in Safari [SRO-36] […]

JIRA and Bamboo license

After an evaluation period I decided to purchase a license for JIRA and Bamboo. JIRA: Bug tracking and project tracking for software development Bamboo: Continuous Integration and Release Management These tools are a great help during the development process of Street Rod Online. [hint] I had to purchase a license because the evaluation license has […]

News from Ford

In January this year I requested Ford for a license to use their brand name and car models. I had to fill in quite an elaborate form and had to supply them with all sorts of information. Today I got a response: “We can do a license with you.” Check back on this post and […]