Street Rod Online version 0.0.9 released

It took some time to fix the issues (specifically SRO-25 – Change transmission) for 0.0.9 but here it is an can be viewed on the preview server.

Release Notes – Street Rod Online – Version 0.0.9


  • [SRO-19] – When selling a part you don’t get a price
  • [SRO-20] – Scrolling doesn’t work in the “Spare parts” popup


  • [SRO-28] – Update to Wicket 6.6.0
  • [SRO-29] – Align stickers for Chevrolet Bel-Air

New Feature

  • [SRO-25] – Change transmission

2 comments on “Street Rod Online version 0.0.9 released

  1. Hi Marco, amazing work here! Wow, what a blast from the past with Street Rod.
    Excuse my ignorance, but am I able to play street rod online? I can access the preview, but can’t see the full online version. Is it not available yet?

    Secondly, I tried to download SR1 to my pc (windows 7), but when I try to execute SR.exe, and says this version is not compatible with the version of windows I am running. Does this mean it can’t run on Windows 7 system?

    Thanks for your fantastic work, and look forward to hearing more!

    • There’s only a preview version right now where you’re able to see the progress on development.

      The original Street Rod games aren’t compatible with Windows anymore. You can play them with Dosbox.

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