Street Rod Online version 0.0.8 released

Because I have a short holiday I release version 0.0.8 a few days earlier. There are some known bugs for the added Chevrolet Bel-Air Sport coupe (roof cannot be chopped, stickers do not align properly). Next release is planned for 1st March 2013.

Release Notes – Street Rod Online – Version 0.0.8


  • [SRO-14] – On click handler not called in Safari on IOS
  • [SRO-15] – Missing “It’s yours!” message when buying a car
  • [SRO-17] – Jump to “Auto parts” section in newspaper


  • [SRO-18] – Click on “Wanna drink?” should show a proper message balloon
  • [SRO-21] – Add support for Opera
  • [SRO-27] – Add 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air Sport coupe to the newspaper

New Feature

9 comments on “Street Rod Online version 0.0.8 released

  1. Will there be an android version. I love this game.

  2. Yes, Street Rod Online will run on Android (when the browser of your choice supports HTML5 and CSS3).

  3. Just stumbled upon this today. I am a HUGE fan of Street Rod. So I’m trying to play now…can you not race yet? When I click on Hit The Street nothing happens.

    • Correct, you can’t race yet. Right now I’m working on all the garage functionality (buy and modify a car). Racing will probably be developed after that.

      (btw, HUGE fans of Street Rod are very welcome, I hope you keep coming back to watch the progress)

  4. Huge fan of this game from when i was young! been looking for a way to get it on my new s4, just a question do i have to dl something to the phone? or run it in browser? if browser what is link? :S couldnt find anything on page.

    • Nvm link, silly me need to open eyes.

      • No problem (: Please note that preview.streetrodonline.com is really what it says: a preview. It gives you the opportunity to take a look what I’m developing.

  5. Argentina love street rod

  6. Je voudrais jouer

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