It’s getting serious

Today I registered streetrodonline.com. I wanted to wait until the project got a little bit more serious. But it’s getting serious the last few days.

I’m in the process of buying the copyright to the original Street Rod series. (Yes, you read that correctly)

And that’s not enough. I need to get licenses from all car brands used in the game. The coming weeks/months I will be busy contacting General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.
When I get licenses I can continue, if not I can only use this project to learn a few things but I cannot release it to the public.

2 comments on “It’s getting serious

  1. Dude, if you finish this project, you´re gonna totally be my hero!

  2. this is awesome, this was one of my most favourite games back in the day, i can be nifty in photoshop, give me a yell if you need a hand, might be of some use.

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