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Street Rod for Commodore

This is the Commodore version of Street Rod. 5.25″ Floppy disk. Nice. “What is the color of the car key on page 9?” Now you know, the answer is “Light purple”. Almost all versions I came across with have a photocopied version of the manual. Just black-and-white, coloured car keys are nowhere to be found. […]

It’s getting serious

Today I registered I wanted to wait until the project got a little bit more serious. But it’s getting serious the last few days. I’m in the process of buying the copyright to the original Street Rod series. (Yes, you read that correctly) And that’s not enough. I need to get licenses from all […]

Street Rod 2 for Amiga

Here’s the Amiga version of Street Rod 2. The Amiga graphics are superior to the DOS version. I didn’t own an Amiga when I was a kid so I didn’t miss the better graphics or sound. Years later, when I played Street Rod 2 on an Amiga emulator, I realized how much better the game […]

Adding music

I hit a snag although I got the audio working. Below is an example of what the (Webkit, Safari/Chrome) browser is capable of. But there’s a problem. I use pageloads in some scene changes, for example when you go from the garage to the newspaper and vice versa. The audioengine (HTML5 AudioContext) is started on […]

Mulholland drive and aqueduct race in Street Rod 2

When you challenge an opponent in Street Rod 2 you have the option to race on Mulholland drive or the Aqueduct. Mulholland Drive Mulholland Drive is a road in Southern California named after the civil engineer William Mulholland. When you drive on Mulholland Drive in Street Rod 2 you’ll notice it’s a twisty road which […]

About P.Z. Karen, Logical Design Works and California Dreams

Karen Formerly known as Karen Notebook (between 1997 and 2008), before that, Swiss Sp. z o.o. (since 1991), and before that – in times so far back, their website doesn’t even mention it – they were known as P.Z. Karen – “Przedsiebiorstwo Zagraniczne Karen”. Karen, since its founding, has specialised in computers – they import […]

Street rod font

I’m working on the font that’s used by the original Street Rod game. I used Bitfontmaker2 to create a bitmap font. It can export the font as a TrueType font file (ttf). The exported ttf file can then be loaded with the CSS3 property @font-face. Browsers render the font as anti-aliased text. This results in […]