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View and change transmission in garage (work in progress)

I’m working on changing the transmission in the garage. The popup to view the current transmission is ready. The parts list is also nearly ready. Now I need to program the bolt/unbolt feature.

Changing a car in garage done

Changing a car in the garage is done. Note in the above video: It runs in Chrome.

Changing a car in garage (work in progress)

I’m working on changing a car in the garage right now. Almost finished.

Painting a car done

Paining a car is done. Today I resolved the last issues. And guess what, as I expected, on top of the default Street Rod colors you can now choose extra colors like black, yellow and pink(!). Maybe I’ll add a color-picker in the future to support even more colors. The algorithm to determine the highlights […]

Painting a car (work in progress)

Quick update of what I’m working on right now, painting a car. I’ve got a suspicion this will be the first change compared to the original Street Rod. It will be pretty easy to support more colors than the original game. For example the car in the screenshot below is black. In the original game […]

CSS3 in multiple browsers without prefixing

To support CSS3 in multiple browsers I need to prefix several properties with browser specific codes. For example the transition property: This leads to duplicate properties and clutters the code which is unwanted. I want to use the default CSS3 property and not worry about browser specific prefixes. I found the solution in -prefix-free, a […]

Buy stickers done

I just finished the functionality of adding stickers to a car. See the video for a demo.