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Development video part 2

Here’s a short clip of the progress of Street Rod Online. Added splashscreens Added driving license screen View current transmission of the car (work in progress)

Rotating tires with CSS3

The tires of the car need to rotate when the car is driven into the garage. This is a good candidate for css3 animations. At first I thought about a simple rotation of a sprite. However, in the original game the rotating tyre has 2 states but the image isn’t rotated. The rotation effect is […]

Progress on Street Rod Online

Here’s a short clip to show the progress on Street Rod Online.

Development environment (how Street Rod online looks from my side)

I use the Eclipse IDE to program the Java backend and HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript frontend.This screenshot gives you an impression of how Street Rod online looks from my side.

Street Rod classic remake

I’m programming a remake of the classic Street Rod games, called Street Rod Online. It will be a browser based game build with Java, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technology. Why: I’m a huge fan of the original Street Rod series and would like to play these games with extended functionallity (extra cars and parts). I […]