Street Rod for Amiga

Here’s what I’ve been waiting for: An original Amiga version of Street Rod.


It’s an “Electronic Arts Distribution” version which means it’s a first release version of Street Rod. This version has a full colour manual. Later versions have a simple black and white photocopied manual and don’t have an “Electronic Arts Distribution” sticker on the box.


This game-box is still in it’s original shrink-wrap. The interesting bit about it is the “California Dreams” sticker applied on top of the “Electronic Arts Distribution”. The latter one is applied to the box, the former one is applied to the shrink-wrap.
This raises a question: Why did California Dreams apply their own sticker?


The next question is: What’s inside?
I’m still on the hunt for information about the Street Rod Car Data Disk. Would this game-box contain new, yet unknown, information? It’s very tempting to open the shrink-wrap and take a look inside. The downside is it will ruin the value of the game-box.
There’s a great chance this box contains no clues whatsoever. Because it’s a first release box it might be too early (1989) for the Car Data Disk (which was announced in 1990).

What would you do?

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California Dreams

Here’s a little bit of extra background information on Street Rod. It was just some information I came across long time ago and I wanted to share it.

Logical Design Works used the label California Dreams to release Street Rod and Street Rod 2.

california dreams

Note the trademark sign in the upper right corner of the image.
On January 30, 1989 a trademark registration was filed for California Dreams. The first use of this trademark was on May 1, 1987.


The registration was cancelled on November 14, 1996, probably because LDW failed to file the necessary forms and fees before the 6 year deadline.
Because “A §8 Declaration of Continued Use is a sworn statement, filed by the owner of a registration, that the mark is in use in commerce.” and they didn’t do that so the trademark was cancelled by section 8.

Because LDW had a registered trademark they could have used “California Dreams®” but they used the unregistered trademark symbol instead. Why? I don’t know.

Why the name “California Dreams”? It might have to do with the saying. “California Dream is the psychological motivation to gain fast wealth or fame in a new land.” The owner of Logical Design Works migrated from communist Poland to the free and wealthy United States. When you have this context in mind it isn’t hard to imagine why the name California Dreams was chosen. (disclaimer: unverified information)

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Original copy for sale

The following original copy of Street Rod is for sale on Ebay.
Note: I am not affiliated with the seller.
Street Rod for IBM PC
Buy now price (or make an offer): $74.99 / €54,38 $67.49 / €49,16 $50.00 / €36,57 Sold


Special package

I’ll be watching my mailbox frequently this week, I’m expecting a special package.

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Article in Aktueller Software Markt

There’s an article (in German/auf Deutsch) about Street Rod in Aktueller Software Markt March 1990.
Aktueller-Software-Markt---Ausgabe-1990Take a look at the Press page to view the article.

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Updates on Street Rod Online

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How to get more money in Street Rod

How do you get more money in Street Rod?

  1. Buy the 1949 Chevrolet 2dr Styleline for $475
    Schermafbeelding 2013-11-22 om 13.33.42
  2. Remove the transmission
  3. Completely remove the engine
  4. Sell the car for $30000
    Schermafbeelding 2013-11-22 om 13.39.39

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